About Walls Property Management

Where it all began.

For over 40 years, Walls Property Management has owned and maintained multi-family buildings within the Seattle city limits. The Walls Family began their real estate investment journey in the 1960s with Wesley Walls.  Working as a professor at Seattle Pacific University, Wesley owned multiple buildings that housed students near the SPU campus. Wesley’s son, Burton Walls, helped manage these properties while slowly purchasing buildings of his own. 

Since 2002

Preston Walls, WPM’s current CEO, grew up helping Wesley and Burton manage these buildings. Maintenance, plumbing, and painting were just some of the tasks Preston was responsible for.  In 2002, Preston purchased a 1966 tri-plex on Queen Anne and converted it to four units. Over the years, he and the Walls Family have continued to grow their building portfolio throughout Seattle. In addition to the family portfolio, Walls Property Group has added third party building management and syndication management to its repertoire.

Companies we work with

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