Plumbing Issues



All plumbing issues concerning clogs, drains, etc. will require prior acceptance of potential charges. Charges are not a guarantee and will only occur if the technician determines tenant misuse.

For reference, please refer to Sec. 3.6 Request, Repairs, and Malfunction> General Maintenance Reminders> Drains and Garbage Disposals. 


    Check out our Troubleshooting FAQ’s for Plumbing below:

 Running Toilets  

Q: What do I do if my toilet is running?


Check the toilet flapper by opening the tank to see if the chain and flapper are disconnected. If this is the case, adjust the chain so that it is connected to the flush rod and toilet flapper as shown below: 


Q: What if my toilet is still running after I tried fixing it?

If the issue still persists after adjusting the chain, please shut off the water supply and contact our Maintenance Team. Only turn on the water when the toilet is in use.


Q: How do I unclog a bathtub/sink?

If your bathtub/sink has a screw-on stop, unscrew the stopper by rotating it counter clockwise. Clean the stopper of any debris before proceeding with the next step.

To remove any hair, soap buildup or other debris, we suggest using a plastic drain snake. Insert the device in the drain opening as far as it can go and then pull it out to remove any debris. Repeat as many times as necessary until your drain flows back to normal.


If you have removed all the hair, debris, etc, and are still experiencing clogs, please contact our Maintenance Team.


Q: Can I use Drano to help with a clog?

  NO. Please DO NOT use Drano. Due to its corrosive nature, it can melt away the adhesives that hold pipes together. 

Q: What do I do if my toilet is clogged?

Please utilize a plunger for any clogged toilet. DO NOT attempt to utilize a plastic drain snake or hand snake. If the toilet reminds clogged after utilizing a plunger, please contact our Maintenance Team.

Q: Can I use flushable wipes?

NO. Please DO NOT use any type of flushable wipe. Although they say the are flushable, they can create clogs and ruin pipes. You can be liable for any cost/repair if flushable wipes are found.

Plumbing issue still not fixed? Submit a work request through your online portal and we can help!