COVID-19 – A Message From Our CEO

To Our Valued Residents and Community Members,

I’d like to take a moment to reiterate that Walls Property Management remains committed to the vibrancy of our community.  Without our residents and commercial tenants, we would be unable to operate or provide the level of service we pride ourselves in!  As a small business facing similar cash flow issues as our residents, we understand the impact COVID-19 has had on the local economy.  

We have received multiple emails from residents who are feeling the financial burden of making ends meet throughout this economic downturn.  These stories are emotionally heart wrenching, and their impact has not gone unnoticed. Layoffs, reduced hours, medical bills, family emergencies, and severe health issues are just some of the concerns that have been expressed.  

While we are unable to solve every issue that will arise, we have taken several measures to ensure contingency plans are in place for our residents.  While each company has to create a plan that works for their unique structure, here are a few options we are offering our current residents during the WA State of Emergency:

  • The option to work at one of our properties in exchange for rent credit
  • The ability to add a roommate to their lease without an additional charge
  • The ability to break their lease and waiving the lease-break fee
  • The ability to pay their rent via credit card without a fee
  • The ability to remove parking and storage units from their lease without paying a fee

Throughout the uncertainty that lies ahead, we value the residents of our community and understand the hardships they’re facing. We recognize that these are unprecedented times creating untold hardship.  We value the opportunity to provide a non-traditional alternative as we await some normalcy or government assistance. Our thoughts are with you during this challenging time.

For more information or specific questions, please contact: info@wallspropertymanagement.com


Preston Walls

CEO and Founder