The people at Walls Property Management are tight-knit and have a bond that’s like extended family.

We’ve slowly grown our team over time, now reaching just over 30 people.

Each member of our team has goals and aspirations, and it’s baked into our cultural DNA set by our founder, Preston Walls. We make it our mission to be innovative and go above and beyond for each other and the tenants we serve.

Our Core Values

  • Innovate & Drive Change
  • Have Fun
  • Go Above and Beyond in EVERY Interaction
  • Integrity
  • Accountability

Our Team


Preston Walls Headshot - CEO Preston Walls
Founder & CEO
Heather Tabler
Director of Strategy & Development



Executive Office


Kaleen Skersies Headshot - Brand Manager & EA to the CEO Kaleen Skersies
Brand Manager and Executive Assistant to the CEO



Property Management


Photo of Robin McCue - Portfolio Manager Robin McCue
Portfolio Manager
Madison Amelotte Headshot - Property Manager Madison Amelotte
Property Manager
Mitchell Sanchez Headshot - Property Manager Mitchell Sanchez
Property Manager
Scott Morgan
Onsite Manager
Alex Barnia
Property Manager





Jason Finn
Maintenance Technician
Ramon Santana Headshot - Maintenance Technician Ramon Santana
Maintenance Technician
Jason Rivers Headshot - Maintenance Technician Jason Rivers
Maintenance Technician
Steven Maiden Headshot - Maintenance Technician Steven Maiden
Maintenance Technician
Katie Smith Headshot - Maintenance Coordinator Katie Smith
Maintenance Coordinator
Javier Garcia
Javier Garcia
Billy Wyler Headshot - Maintenance Technician Billy Wyler
Maintenance Technician
Hector Santana Headshot - Maintenance Manager Hector Santana
Maintenance Manager





Nick Jones Headshot - Assistant Project Manager Nick Jones
Assistant Project Manager
James Hubman Headshot - Construction Services Technician James Hubman
Construction Services Technician
Andres Garcia Headshot - Construction Services Technician Andres Garcia
Construction Services Technician
Dien Nguyen Headshot - Construction Services Technician Dien Nguyen
Construction Services Technician
Shad Bernhoft
Real Estate Development Manager



Asset Management


Brad St. Onge Headshot - Investor Relations Brad St. Onge
Investor Relations
Travis Bowers Headshot - Asset Manager Travis Bowers
Asset Manager





Neal DeLeon Headshot - Property Accountant Neal DeLeon
Property Accountant
Monte Swanson Headshot - Accounting Monte Swanson
Danny Thai
Accounts Payable
Lacey Angelier
Accounting Manager





Erica Laporte Headshot - Administrative Assistant Erica Laporte
Administrative Assistant
Lucas Traikoff Headshot - Marketing Specialist Lucas Traikoff
Marketing Specialist
Tracy Habrel Headshot - Operations Manager Tracy Habrel
Operations Manager
Melissa Byron
Compliance Manager