With the rapidly changing landscape in Seattle, is it possible to create spaces for better living while keeping the soul of the city?

We think so.

The Walls construction team and the Walls portfolio itself advocates for breathing new life into great, viable older properties, while modernizing old layouts into the way people live today.

We care about our communities, and we take the approach to finding and preserving historic multi-family buildings rather than knocking them down for another tech high-rise. After all, Seattle is our home too.

It’s a different approach to creating density in an ever-changing urban environment. We recognize people live differently today than they did in the 60s, 70s and 80s, and maintaining the charm of older buildings without disrupting classic neighborhoods is very popular.

Walls Property Management saves, renovates, and modernizes as many as 30 buildings a year. Renovations can occur as fast as 10 weeks, which is significantly faster than all-new construction.


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