Electrical Issues



Per your lease agreement, light bulb replacement is the resident’s responsibility. 

For reference, please refer to Sec. 3.6 Request, Repairs, and Malfunction> General Maintenance Reminders> Light Bulbs. 


    Check out our Troubleshooting FAQ’s for Electrical Issues below:

 Light Bulb Replacement  

Q: How do I remove a Dome Light Fixture?


If you have a Dome Light fixture, push in the dome cover and rotate it clockwise or counter clock wise to remove. For safety, use a ladder if necessary and remember to turn off the light switch before changing any lightbulb.


Q: How do I change a Spotlight style light?

To remove a lightbulb from a Spotlight style light, just gently pull the lightbulb to remove.


Q: What type of lightbulbs do I need to use?

At WPM, we utilize 60W daylight bulbs for our buildings. These can be found at Amazon, Home Depot, Lowe’s, Ace Hardware and more. Before you replace the lightbulbs, check to see if they are dimmable/non-dimmable. If the flickering continues after the bulb has been changed, try resetting the breakers. 


 If the issue still persists after following the above procedures, please call our Maintenance Team. 


 Power & Outlets

Q: What do I do if an outlet is not providing power?

Some outlets within our units are GFCI outlets, which simply means, they have a reset button on it. If the outlet is not providing power, follow the three steps below:

1. To reset a GFCI outlet, please ensure to unplug all appliances.

2. Next, hit the top button that says “RESET”

3. Lastly, plug the appliance back into the outlet

If the issue persists, try resetting the breaker to that specific room. If that does not work, please call our Maintenance Team for assistance.


Q: What if there is a power outage but only in certain sections of my unit?

If you unit is equipped with wall switches that control outlets, make sure it is switched on. If turning them off and on does not work, please reset the breaker associated with the room the power is out in.

 Watch this helpful “How To” Video


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