Misc. Issues

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Check out our Troubleshooting FAQ’s for Misc. Issues below. We understand multiple situations can occur in your unit, if you do not find your issue on our FAQ pages, please submit a work order request through your online portal. 


 Smoke/CO Detectors

Q: My Smoke/CO Detector is beeping, how do I fix this?

When your smoke/CO detector is beeping, it is due to the batteries needing replacement. Per your lease agreement, replacement of batteries for the detectors is the responsibility of the tenant. We recommended that you replace the batteries at least two times per year, regardless of whether or not the detectors are beeping. 

Section 3.6 Requests, Repairs, and Malfunctions> General Maintenance Reminders>Smoke/CO Detectors


Q: What if I have a Wired Smoke/CO Detector?

Wired smoke/CO detectors run on the unit’s electricity. However, we do recommended you have batteries in case of a power outage.

Before working on a hard-wired detector, please ensure to turn OFF the main power at the circuit breaker to avoid electrical shock. To replace the batteries, slide the battery cover to access the compartment. Replace the batteries and test the device by pressing the center button.

DO NOT detach smoke/CO detector from the ceiling or wall. It will keep beeping even after battery replacement due to the device trying to seek a new main power source. 


Vivint Smart Lock

Q: My Smart Lock is not working, what should I do?

If your unit is equipped with a Vivint electronic lock and it is not working, please refer to your Vivint handbook given to you at your move-in. This handbook contains the information on how to change the batteries, operate the smart thermostat along with the security cameras.

If you require further assistance, please contact Vivint’s 24/7 Support Line at 855-819-813

Closet Doors

Q: My closet doors came off the track, how can I fix this?

If the closet doors falls off the track, check the floor guides to see if the screws are holding down the guides securely. 

If the doors hang from a top rail and do not have a track on the floor, then you need to either replace or tighten down the floor guides.

If the closet doors are guided strictly by a top rail, please contact our Maintenance Team for assistance. 


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