Moving Resources

Move-in Process

Welcome New Resident! We’re really excited you’ve chosen a home managed by Walls Property Management. Below you’ll find all the details to prepare for your upcoming move. If you have questions or concerns, please contact us!

Step 1:

Getting Set-up with Appfolio

  • DEPOSIT AND ADMIN FEES: Please pay within 3-days from signing the lease, using your resident portal.
  • SETUP AUTOPAY: Rent is due by the 1st of each month before midnight!
  • RENTERS INSURANCE: Proof of insurance must be uploaded to your resident portal prior to move-in. Failure to provide proof of insurance will result in an automatically applied mandatory $12/month liability insurance fee. Additionally, you have the option to purchase renters insurance through Appfolio inside your resident portal.
  • EXPLORE THE APPFOLIO PORTAL: While you're in the resident portal, take a look at the maintenance tab for work order requests, shared documents, payments, update contact details, set up push notifications and much more!

Step 2:

The Details

  • SEATTLE CITY LIGHT: Prior to key handoff, you must set up your account with Seattle City Light. Call: (206) 684-3000
  • SCHEDULE YOUR MOVE-IN: Your Property Manager will contact you 1-2 weeks prior to your move-in date to schedule your move-in
  • MOVE-IN INSPECTION: At move in, your Property Manager will conduct a quick move-in inspection with you. Afterwards, a signed copy of your inspection sheet will be available in your resident portal.
  • SAVE THE EMERGENCY NUMBER: If you ever get locked out, or need EMERGENCY maintenance, please call: (206) 495-1345


Step 3:

You Live. We Do The Rest.

  • ENJOY: Unpack, enjoy your new home, and always remember, our Property Management team is just one phone call away!
  • SOCIAL: If you would like to stay up to date with everything happening at WPM, please like us on Facebook and  follow us on Instagram.
  • REVIEWS: We love reviews! We sincerely hope your move in experience has been great, and we'd love to hear your feedback: Leave us a review!

Moving Tips

Once you’ve decided to move out, you’ll need to submit a 20-day notice to vacate along with your forwarding address to your Property Manager via the “Contact Us” section of your Resident PortalWhen you are done at the property, leave all keys on the counter and text or call your Property Manager to let me know that you are out and they will go in to lock up afterward.  

To-Do Before Move-Out:

  •  Close/transfer your account with Seattle City Light (206) 684-3000. 
  •  Close /transfer your account with cable/internet service provider.
  •  Submit change of address form with USPS & renters insurance provider
  •  Check all cabinets, closets, storage spaces for personal items. 
  •  Remember to replace your drip pans, we can replace them for you at $20/per pan
  •  Remember all the great memories you made here

Friendly Reminders and Tips :

  • You must be completely out of your unit by 9AM on the last day of the month
  • If there is a refund due, we will mail your deposit minus any itemized charges to your forwarding address 21 days after your move-out.
  • Do not dispose of large furniture/items in dumpster area. You will be charged a fee
  • We recommend hiring a professional cleaning service and leaving the receipt on the counter at move out to ensure no additional cleaning fees are assessed.
  • Patch all holes in the walls
  • Replace all broken/burnt out light bulbs

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We are here to make this transition as easy as possible. If you have any questions regarding your move out please email your Property Manager

Frequently Asked Questions

Please note that all fees, policies, and procedures may vary by lease and are subject to change. Tenants should refer to their legal lease documents.

What is the non-refundable admin. charge?

The non-refundable administrative charge covers administration costs to ready the unit for new tenancy as well as a fee imposed from the City of Seattle to improve and preserve a safe and healthy rental property

What is the pet policy?

In most of our buildings dogs and cats are allowed. Dogs are subject to a 45 lb weight limit. Tenant agrees to pay a 20% fully refundable deposit and $25 Pent rent per month.

What happens if I want to break my lease early?

The Tenant shall be responsible for rent and utilities until the unit is re-rented and be charged a Lease Break Fee equal to Two Month’s Rent. Tenant will repay Landlord the full amount of any rent incentive or free rent given as move-in incentive.

How do we change roommates?

If there is a roommate change, the new roommate will need to be screened and approved. Current roommates must also sign a roommate addendum releasing previous roommates for the lease. The roommate change fee is $150 per new roommate. Partial deposits will not be refunded to exiting roommates. Deposits are held for the total unit. Departing roommates are responsible for settling deposit costs with incoming roommates.

What does the utility charge cover?

Most of the buildings have a flat charge for water/sewer/garbage base on consumption (charged per # of people living in unit). For all other buildings not on a flat fee, water/sewer/garbage are metered and billed through a 3rd party company. See lease for details for your building.

What is the minimum credit score and income requirement?

Applicants should make 2.5 times the rent as a collective group or sole applicant. Rental and credit history are reviewed and will be a determining factor in acceptance. In some cases, last months rent or a co-signer will be accepted to approve and applicant.

I lost my keys or I’m locked out what do I do?

Lockouts should be directed towards maintenance or your property manager. A lockout fee will be charged based on time of day. See lease for fee details. If in event that no one is available to assist with the lock out, the tenant will be responsible for contacting a paying a locksmith.

What maintenance is my responsibility?

Maintaining unit and common areas in a clean and sanitary manner. Lightbulb replacement as well as battery replacement of smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors. Properly dispose of all rubbish and waste.

How do I set up my electric with Seattle City Light?

You may reach Seattle City Light at 206.684.3000 or find them online at http://www.seattle.gov/light/ Your property manager will also provide your meter number to help setup your account

What is the move out procedure?

Notice must be put in writing and delivered to the office or emailed to moving@wallspropertymanagement.com. Please provide new address at this time. Tenant is responsible for returning the unit in the exact condition it was received or will be charged a service and cleaning fee. The property manager will contact tenant to coordinate a move out inspection subject to property managers schedule, if tenant is not able to meet at available times tenant will receive results of inspection form through email on file.

When will we receive our deposit?

Deposits will be mailed in check to provided forwarding address 21 days after move out date. Receipt of any charges will also be provided.

What happens if I move out but have mail/packages delivered to my old address?

Tenants will need to contact their property manager and will pick up their mail/packages at the office between 9am-5pm

How long do I have to sign the lease?

After receipt of the lease, you will have 24 hours to sign or the lease will cancel and be offered to the next applicants.

I’m having trouble with my online portal. What do I do?

You can access your appfolio portal here:

If you have forgotten your password, you can request a new password at sign in. Be sure to check your spam folder if you do not receive the reset link.

If you still have trouble with your portal you can contact your property manager or the main office at WPM for assistance.