Property Management Services


At Walls Property Group, our focus is on creating opportunities for all of our building owners and investors.   All of the properties we manage are located within the Greater Seattle area, and the majority of those buildings are within a short drive from our office.  Our knowledge of the local apartment market is full of ways to increase your property’s profitability and maintain its integrity.   


For the past 40 years, we have managed a large portfolio of multifamily buildings all varying in size.  Our ability to connect with multiple team members at any time ensures that each concern is fully addressed and due diligence is completed throughout the inquiry process. We hope we’ve piqued your curiosity and would love to schedule a time to chat about your needs!

We Manage.

You Grow.

Asset Management

Our Asset Management team maintains great relationships with several bankers and is experienced at multi-family real estate transactions.  If you’re looking to purchase a new building, or refinance an existing property, we would be happy to assist you.

Portfolio Management

As your main point of contact, our in-house portfolio manager also serves as the head of our Property Management team. This department is always advocating on the owner’s behalf, and works hard to align your property goals with the structure of daily operations. Your property will be looked after by our industry leading multifamily experts!

Property Management

Our Property Management team has extensive experience leasing units, addressing resident concerns, and managing the day to day operations of each residential and commercial property under their care.

In-house Construction

Our In-house construction team is highly skilled and has the advantage of daily interaction with the rest of our team.  This creates cohesiveness across all departments, and allows the construction team to have full visibility to the end goal of any given project.

In-house Maintenance

Our in-house maintenance team works tirelessly to provide unprecedented service and keep each building in great working condition.

Property Accounting

Our experienced in-house accounting team is laser-focused on delivering accurate financials and providing peace of mind throughout the AR/AP process.


Are you tired of finding solutions to create more value?  Done dealing with contractors and resident complaints? We’d love to learn about the goals you have for your future and how we can turn your building into the passive income stream you’ve been looking for.  At your convenience, please schedule a time to chat about how Walls Property Group can elevate your property ownership experience!

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