We Call Seattle Home

Walls Property Management is a resident-focused property management firm that’s in it for the long haul. We believe in the smart business practice of investing in and modernizing older existing multi-family residential properties for the way people live today.

We’re in our own communities where we’re trying to keep the culture alive.

The goal of Walls Property Management is to be a one-stop-shop for everything property management, from property acquisition through building rehab through leasing. Our approach to the development and rehabilitation of existing multi-family buildings for long-term investments follow that approach. We’re not looking for the short-term quick in-and-out.

From top to bottom, we have a small company, family feel, yet can mold our management to whatever our clients need.

Our Values

The Walls construction team and the Walls portfolio itself advocates for breathing new life into great, viable older properties, while modernizing old layouts into the way people live today.

We care about our communities, and we take the approach to finding and preserving historic multi-family buildings rather than knocking them down for another tech high-rise. After all, Seattle is our home too.

It’s a different approach to creating density in an ever-changing urban environment. We recognize people live differently today than they did in the 60s, 70s and 80s, and maintaining the charm of older buildings without disrupting classic neighborhoods is very popular.

Walls Property Management saves, renovates, and modernizes numerous buildings per-year. Renovations can occur as fast as 10 weeks, which is significantly faster than all-new construction.

In addition, modernizing older buildings:

  • Costs significantly less than all-new construction
  • Lowers overall energy costs
  • Lowers overall maintenance costs

Our construction team is focused on quality of both workmanship and materials. We don’t renovate properties to turn around and sell for a short-term gain. We add these properties to our property management portfolio, with the eye to holding onto and managing each for the long term. We approach each detail as if we’re working on to our own houses – because, in a real sense, we are.

It’s a win-win for the property owner and resident. Optimizing outmoded kitchen and dining spaces, updating to energy-efficient appliances and heating, improving flooring material, and converting old common laundry rooms and parking into modern living areas, we can often lower the cost-per-bedroom for the resident while providing an attractive return on investment for the building owner.

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Walls Property Management utilizes a modern-day marketing strategy blended with 30 years of experience in the marketplace. We have historical data and real-time data points to properly market rents at the peak income level for the current market conditions, while keeping an eye on resident turnover. We market vacancies via digital means which have become the norm to today’s apartment shopper, while also staying with the Guerilla Marketing tactic of consumer-facing accountability.



This is where Walls Property Management truly separates itself from the field. We have a team of 7 in house technicians all readily available for all maintenance issues. This team is notified while in the field using a real-time tracking system of new maintenance requests. Residents no longer wait for more than 24 hours to find a vendor or contractor, the maintenance team at Walls Property Management is the vendor allowing faster response and cheaper costs to building owners.



Every professional management company in todays market place conducts extensive screening and pre-qualifications for prospective residents. So how do we separate ourselves? We pay attention to the details. We have an entire leasing team designated to handle resident requests on a personal level. We’re not afraid to pick up the phone and talk to a prospective resident, rather than simply pounding the accept button.



How is my rent roll? Every building owner’s first question. Here at Walls Property Management, we can assure you that your rent is being collected and watched over. We use a software platform that gives residents multiple avenues to pay rent on time with ease and simplicity. We find that making things easy for a resident to pay often equals on-time payments. We even send you, the owner, a monthly update of current rental income.



Our model will give owners access to their building at an unprecedented level. Owners are given online access via a mobile app or web-based and can check on their properties at any time. We prepare all financial statements to an owner’s preferred style on a monthly basis, neatly packaged in an Owner’s Statement Packet. Yearly budgets are agreed to annually easing what we call the ‘unknown’ feelings. You give us the keys. We Manage. You Grow.


Resident issues? Pet Issues? Evictions? We all despise the process, but occasionally this stuff happens. That’s where we come in. We insulate building owners from all resident relations and ensure that the building is operating within all landlord-tenant laws, fair housing laws, regulations, and even those pesky ordinances.

Our In-House Construction Team

Walls Property Management utilizes our own in-house construction team to work with building owners to rehab and reposition of their building to the needs building owners want in their property. Whether you have a Class A, B, or C property, we create a customizable construction solution that maximizes your investment and aligns with our attention to quality and detail.

You get to know us personally

If a resident has an issue, they call our office directly. Chances are they will have worked with the person on our end personally at one time or another, and we work to make sure we handle each request personally and professionally.

We have our own 24/7 in-house maintenance techs. We vet and uniform each of our maintenance techs to ensure residents can feel safe and secure.

Online payment and maintenance requests

For online payments, we use the same platforms as larger companies, allowing residents to pay bills, find their property manager, and easily make maintenance requests at all times of the day on any device.