Goodtimes Online Auction

As we adjust to the ever-changing “COVID-19 environment,” one area that has been hit particularly hard is the non-profit sector.  Many of these companies rely on donations and fundraising that comes from their annual events. Unfortunately, many non-profit organizations are struggling to meet their basic needs, let alone their charitable goals.

I’d like to draw your attention to a local non-profit that is very dear to my heart.  The Goodtimes Project, whose “vision is that all families affected by childhood cancer will experience a community of hope, joy, and love.  When cancer becomes your world, The Goodtimes Project creates caring spaces for local families to connect and kids to be kids, through camps, events, and programs.”  As a child, I enjoyed attending Camp Goodtimes and continue to actively support their efforts. If you’d like to learn more about my personal journey with the Goodtimes Project and Camp Goodtimes, I encourage you to watch this video.  

Consider donating via the Virtual Paddle Raise or bidding on an item from this year’s Gala Auction – bids open 4/21/20.  In addition, the wish-list for Camp Goodtimes still needs to be fulfilled.  Should you desire to make a donation later in the year, please check out the donations page! 

If you’d like to learn about other ways you can be involved with the Goodtimes Project, please check out their volunteer page.  I encourage you to get involved with any local charity and continue to support one another during these challenging times. 

-Preston Walls – CEO