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Our Maintenance Team consists of individuals who strive to make your living experience as comfortable as possible. We take pride in knowing our units are your homes and we are here to help with any issues you may have. Dedicated, strong, kind and hardworking are just a few words to describe our team and we are true to our motto that You live, We do the rest. 

Emergency vs Non-Emergency Maintenance Requests

Take the correct action when trying to solve a maintenance issue

Please submit a work request through the online portal. To help expediate response time, also include photos, model number, and error codes.

Where Can I Submit a Work Request?

Go to your online portal, select the maintenance tab and submit a work order through the form provided

Please be aware of the Lease Guidelines. Potential charges could be given due to misuse/neglect by tenant. If you have any questions about the charges and what this means, please refer back to the lease or call our office.

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Maintenance Contact Information

Emergency Maintenance Line: (206) 495-1345

WPM Office Line: (206) 784-9780

Submit a Maintenance Request on your Online Portal under “Maintenance” tab